Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Flagrant human rights violations by UAE draw global condemnation

Tribune News Network
The continued human rights violations by the UAE authorities have drawn sharp criticism from international rights bodies.
In the latest such case, the Arab Organisation for Human Rights in UK (AOHR) has called on the United Nations Secretary-General to put pressure on the UAE for the release of a female detainee on health grounds.
The AOHR has also sought an investigation into the torture and abuse that UAE citizen Aliaa Abdelnour (40) has suffered during her detention.
In a press release on Monday, the AOHR said it has observed that continued detention and refusal by the UAE to release Abdelnour who suffers from cancer, bone fragility and liver fibrosis, posing a serious threat to her life.
It added that the security and judicial authorities of the UAE were not even allowing her family to have her treated at their own expense in a private hospital.
Abdelnour was arrested on July 28, 2015, from her residence in the UAE without any valid reasons. She was taken to a secret prison in the UAE where she was confined for four months without being allowed to communicate with her family or to disclose any information about her fate to any entity.
During the four months of her enforced disappearance, she was put in a solitary cell with no bed, ventilation, windows, toilet or food. She was stripped of her outer garments and iron chains were placed on her.
Besides, CCTV cameras were placed in her cell. Abdelnour was being interrogated daily about her personal life, activities and the websites she was browsing on the Internet.
According to the AOHR, she was threatened with killing of her parents and sister and was forced to sign papers whose contents she was not aware of.
She was later referred to judicial authorities and was tried on charges of financing terrorism and dealing with terrorists abroad. She was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment.
According to her family, she was in good health before her arrest as her cancer was controlled in 2008 after a health visit to Germany.
However, as a result of the harsh and inhuman conditions of detention and denial of treatment, her health started deteriorating again, they alleged.
The family members added that they were allowed to visit the victim in the notorious Al Wathba prison only after two months of her detention.