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Pro-Qatar public protests erupt in several countries

Pro-Qatar public protests erupt in several countries

IN a show of solidarity with Qatar, many people have been protesting in the capital cities of countries which joined the campaign to sever relations with Qatar

MORONI, THE CAPITAL OF COMOROS: People took to the streets condemning the decisions to boycott Qatar and stressing the role played by Doha in the establishment of international peace and security. The demonstrators rejected the decision of the Comoros government to sever diplomatic relations with Qatar. The protesters raised Qatari flags and carried banners written in Arabic (people love Qatar).
"The Comorian government unilaterally decided to cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar without consulting with the governors of the three islands that make up the Union of the Comoros," said Governor of the autonomous island of Anjouan Abdou Salami Abdou. The governor condemned the decision, praising Qatar's role in providing assistance and support to its people. He called on the government of the Comoros to reverse its decision and be part of the solution and not part of the crisis.

Mauritanians demonstrated against their government's decision to severe ties with Qatar. The protesters headed to the Embassy of Qatar hours after the announcement by Mauritanian Foreign Ministry's decision to cut off relations with Qatar. The demonstrators chanted slogans of solidarity with Qatar, stressing that the decision does not represent the Mauritanian people.
The social networking sites were also filled with thousands of posts in solidarity with Doha and condemning the official position of Mauritania. Several Mauritanian opposition parties called on the government to reverse its decision. The Union and Change Party said that severing diplomatic relations with Qatar was not in the best interest of the country.

ERITREA refuses to cut QATAR TIES:
Eritrea has declined a request by Saudi Arabia and the UAE to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, a report on the Al Jazeera website stated. The African nation's foreign ministry said in a statement it"rejected" the demand to cut ties"with brother Doha". It said Eritrea had"strong ties with the brother people of Qatar", and it was"impossible to cut ties".

AMMAN, JORDAN: In a statement,the National Alliance for Reform condemned the government's decision to downgrade diplomatic relations with Doha, adding the Jordanian government's decisions are an additional escalation of the crisis. The statement described the decision as 'shocking' and constitutes a departure from the 'balance' that Jordan has taken in all its relations with its Arab brothers and a blow to Arab relations with a sister country that has an honourable past in standing with Jordan.
Qatar has honourable positions in addressing the issues of Arab and Islamic nations, at the top of which is the Palestinian cause. It plays active role in the regional and international arenas in resolving disputes and has great role in humanitarian relief campaigns, the statement said.


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