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Ashghal announces diversion on New Orbital Highway

Ashghal announces diversion on New Orbital Highway

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THE Public Works Authority (Ashghal) will close a one-kilometre section of the Temporary Truck Route and shift road users to a newly opened section of the New Orbital Highway and Truck Route from Saturday (May 27).
The road change will be implemented in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic in the north of the Dukhan Highway-New Orbital Highway interchange in the Umm Al Afai Area, and is part of the permanent New Orbital Highway road network.
As part of this diversion, Ashghal will need to close a temporary access route from the Temporary Truck Route to the Mall of Qatar. The closure of the temporary access route is required to construct a multi-level junction including a permanent ramp bridge that will more efficiently connect the New Orbital Highway users to the Mall of Qatar.
Ashghal has clarified that the diversion will not impact the main access points into the Mall of Qatar.
As shown on the map, road users travelling south on the Temporary Truck Route from Lusail who need to access the Mall of Qatar are advised to continue straight over the bridge over Dukhan Highway, turn left on the first roundabout and travel right to the service road towards Al Rufaa Street.
Besides, motorists will need to turn left on the roundabout located in south of Al Jahhaniya Interchange and continue north and perform a U-turn on the roundabout on Al Rufaa Street before turning right towards the Mall of Qatar.
The Public Works Authority has said that there will be no reduction in the number of lanes as a result of this diversion.
Ashghal will install road signs providing motorists with advance notice of the new road layout. Ashghal urges road users to abide by the new speed limit, which will be reduced to 50 kph, and follow the road signs to ensure their safety.


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