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20 mins just once a week?
Not bad!

20 mins just once a week? <br/>Not bad!

Fit20 is changing lives and improving health across Europe with its research-based innovative approach and promises to produce positive changes to strength, fitness and well-being with just one weekly session of 20 minutes. The concept was founded in the Netherlands in 2009 and currently operates 100 studios in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, and most recently Qatar. The training method is based on the principles of high intensity training postulated in the 70s by Arthur Jones.
Earlier this year, Matthijs Westra and Daphne Simons brought fit20 to Doha. They have been living in Qatar since 2010 and heard about the concept from friends in the Netherlands. After an initial reaction of disbelief, they got interested in the concept and spent time with fit20 in the Netherlands during a holiday. After speaking to the founders, studio owners and clients and performing sessions themselves, they decided to bring this concept to Qatar and the rest of the GCC.
With a team of three fully certified fit20 personal trainers from the Netherlands, the main aim for fit20 is to make people fit in just 20 minutes per week."Many people in the region are too busy or not interested to work out multiple times per week. Many are aware that they should do something to keep fit, so we believe that the efficiency and effectiveness of the fit20 method will be interesting for many people in Qatar. Our aim is to make the population of Qatar healthier and fitter," explained the couple.
Qatar Tribune's Lezima Gomes spoke to Matthijs Westra and Daphne Simons to learn about fit20 and what it has to offer. Excerpts:

Workout once a week? How does that work?
fit20 is a full body workout. It is high- intensity personal training and because of this high intensity we use all the energy that is available in the different muscle fibres that we have. Some muscle fibres re-energise quickly, it will literally take seconds, but the larger muscle fibres take more time to re-gain their strength, which will take days. We give the muscles time to get their strength back and time to improve themselves. That is why training once a week for just 20 minutes is the perfect interval.
If you want to play a game of tennis or enjoy a brisk walk in the park in between trainings, that is no problem, of course. We only advise not to do high- intensity training during the week.

What can people expect once they enroll?
First, there is consultation with the personal trainer followed by a guided introduction to the various exercises. Clients will always train under a personal trainer and will perform a full body workout in slow motion, where the muscles will be pushed a little beyond their maximum capacity. Each exercise is done in slow motion, so the muscles will sustain a constant steady load, which will activate a greater number of muscle fibres, eliminate wasted momentum and reduce the risk of injuries, since clients will be able to maintain proper form throughout the movement. By increasing lean muscle mass, metabolism will improve, muscles will be toned and best of all, muscle mass burns more calories than fat, even when you sit, relax or sleep.

How does the regime change over time?
Everybody trains at his or her own level. You don't have to be fit to start, but you have to start to become fit. During each training, we adjust the weights and the machines so that your body improves itself on a weekly basis. The difference in training for advanced clients and beginners is the weight that someone is able to use. The more experienced one gets, the more progress one will make, and therefore, will be able to use bigger weights. It will always be under the guidance of a personal trainer. Even our own trainers train under the guidance of a trainer colleague to make sure they use optimal form and get the most out of their session.

What is the success rate? How much weight can you lose and in what time period?
fit20 is a workout that will keep you or make you fit in a very efficient and effective way. Weight loss is one of the best side effects of exercising and building muscles. It boosts your metabolism and in combination with healthy eating habits you will definitely lose fat and change it into lean muscle mass. The success rate is very high. Since clients always train on appointment with a personal trainer, they are stimulated to come every week. 20 minutes fits in everybody's schedule!
Because you train every week and 'don't fall off the wagon', the success rate is very high. You will start to notice the results within three months. Your body will tone up, your muscles will be stronger and most important you will feel fitter and have more energy.

Is there a particular diet that needs to be followed while being a part of fit20
You don't have to follow a diet to train at fit20, although a low-carbohydrate diet would fit perfectly with the training method. The training method is based on our ancient programmed DNA and so is the low carbohydrate Paleo diet. That would go very well together.
We also advise taking multi-vitamins and getting some daily sunshine (for your vitamin D).
Other things that are important for someone's wellbeing is enough quality sleep. That is often underestimated. Take a power nap in the afternoon and make sure you go to bed on time.

How has the response been so far?
We are just starting the company, but we can already say that we have some customers training with us for almost three months and are beginning to notice the results. One has noticeably more energy, another one feels her lower-back pain that she was experiencing has improved significantly and also sees her arms getting toned.

Who would you say this regime is ideal for?
We have different target groups. One is the very busy people in Qatar who want to, but don't have time to work out through the week at the gym.
On the other hand there are a lot of people who know they should work out, they know it is good for their health, but they can't motivate themselves enough to stick to their plans. And our last target audience are people who just do not feel comfortable going to a gym. This is a private studio where you will train alone under the guidance of your personal trainer, optimal privacy so to say. Memberships vary between QR550 and QR 950 per person per month depending on solo or duo training and length of the commitment (1 month, quarterly or yearly). We also have a special April offer. If you enroll during April for at least three months, one gets a 50 percent discount during the month of Ramadan.

fit 20 is located at Al Bawakir Building, Office 302, in Al Sadd Doha, Qatar. For more information contact +974 5057 0350 or email at info@fit20.qa


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