Thursday, July 18, 2019
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'Qatar-Greece ties very strong'

'Qatar-Greece ties very strong'

Ashraf Siddiqui
THE Embassy of Greece in Qatar will hold an official reception in Doha on Wednesday to celebrate the Independence Day and also the 10th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Qatar.
In a recent interview, the Ambassador of Greece to Qatar HE Constantinos Orphanides said:"We have strong bilateral relations between Greece and Qatar. It is based on sincerity and shared values. We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our diplomatic relations since both the countries established their embassies at the same time in their respective countries in 2007."
The ambassador, who began his term in Qatar recently, recounted:"Before arriving in Qatar, I knew that Qatar was rich in resources and has been on the path of rapid growth, with a lot of technology and progress. The country hosts a large expatriate population and is preparing well to host a grand FIFA 2022 World Cup."
The ambassador continued:"And, during my last six months here, I found out much more than what I had heard before. Under the wise leadership of Qatar, the country has prospered a lot. The nation's wealth has been used for the benefit of all citizens. The resources have been used well to renovate the infrastructure and in securing economic sustainability."
He added that in these difficult times in the region and across the world, Qatar is performing its duty very well by providing an opportunity for a decent life for all and humanitarian aid to all the displaced people.
The ambassador said that, at present, seven Greek companies are working in Qatar on prestigious projects and around 2,500 Greek nationals are serving in Qatar in various sectors.


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