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Jannah Hotels & Resorts wins at 2017 UAE Business Awards

Jannah Hotels & Resorts wins at 2017 UAE Business Awards

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The innovative and fast-growing Jannah Hotels & Resorts has proven time and again the UAE-based group's outstanding performance with yet another prestigious award, this time from the 2017 UAE Business Awards.
Jannah Hotels & Resorts has been granted the Hotel Management Company of the Year accolade for providing an impeccable standard of service in the hospitality industry. The pioneer for noble Bedouin culture and halal tourism, the Jannah group's rapid expansion is phenomenal since its conception in 2011 and has, since then, redefined hospitality service with its signature legendary Karims. In a five-year span, Jannah Hotels & Resorts is projected to spread out across the Middle East with a total of 33 luxury properties.
"We are pleased to accept this honour from the 2017 UAE Business Awards," said Jannah Hotels & Resorts CEO Nehme Imad Darwiche,"Another concrete demonstration of the group's first-class performance; and we are sincerely grateful for the fact that our collective efforts are recognised and rewarded.
"We are indeed starting the year on a high note!" he concluded.
The 2017 UAE Business Awards are designed to celebrate the talent that has provided some of the best products and services in one of the largest influential business regions from across the globe. The awards are an opportunity to celebrate the very best that the UAE's business market has to offer and to acknowledge the accomplishments made by the individuals responsible for their thriving industry from oil and gas, tourism and construction, to technology, food and beverages and Islamic finance.

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