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Employees can switch jobs if salary delayed

Employees can switch  jobs if salary delayed

Satyendra Pathak
Employees will have the right to switch jobs without getting a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from their employers if the company fails to pay their monthly salaries within seven days of the due date, an official from the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has said.
A decision to this effect has been taken at the ministerial level and it will be implemented soon, the official said.
"The government wants all companies operating in the country to pay monthly salaries to their employees on time or in certain cases within seven days from the due date. If they fail to do so, employees of such companies will have the right to change jobs even if they have not completed the contract period," the official said.
Despite implementation of the Wage Protection System (WPS) almost a year ago, the official said, some companies are yet to adopt it.
"The government is taking action to identify companies that are yet to implement WPS. Such companies will be blacklisted and lose the support of the government," the official said.
A new committee is being formed to settle labour disputes within three weeks."Earlier, labour disputes were settled in the court. Now, such disputes will be resolved within three weeks by the committee comprising members from MADLSA, Ministry of Interior, National Human Rights Commission and a judge of the court," he said.
Any worker can approach the committee with complaints against the employer.
"If the grievances of an employee against the company is found to be true then the employee will be given a chance to change job even without completing the contract period. On the other hand, the company will lose its position in the government's classification list," the official said.
If the employee is found to be guilty, the official said, the committee will allow the company to terminate the job of the employee.
"Such terminated persons will not be allowed to enter the country for four years from the date of termination. The four-year ban can be extended depending on the seriousness of the misdeed of the worker," he said.
The official said that a Swiss company hired by the ministry to smoothen the procedure of recruitment of expatriate workers will start functioning soon.
The Swiss company will soon start opening its branches in 39 countries which have agreed to send workers to Qatar to complete employment formalities like medical checkup, document and certificate verification, and signing of work contract in the source country itself.
Any company operating in Qatar will have to hire the services of the Swiss firm to complete the employment prerequisites in the source country.
Fees for acailing the services of the Swiss company will be paid by the employer and not the employee, the official said, adding that fees for services are yet to be fixed.

  • neil braga Feb 19, 2017

    Good day sir/madam, I'm just asking if our salary is every 7th dated at the month sometimes 8th and we are not receiving pay slip only direct to the atm machine receiving our money, the question is is this okay?

  • Virgilio Mar 11, 2017

    Is this law already in effect?

  • Aisha Mar 20, 2017

    When this law will be implemented? In the Ministry they don't know anything about it. Anyone knows anything or we will have to wait few year for implementation? Regards, A.

  • Ronnie Batiles May 11, 2017

    I been working in Dafoos technical services wll since. March 10, 2017 until may 10, 2017 the company didn't give my salary for almost (2) two months.

  • vir Jun 01, 2017

    if the days of delay for paying of payments for salary is gradually increasing , for instance from 7 days they become 14 days and then later on 1 month . can you give advice how can we give lesson to the company we are working. If there is offer can we accept the new job because of this scenario? although i am holding company visa

  • Erl Jun 08, 2017

    What if your status to the company is only 6months is it cover by the law?

  • Ronald Raluto Jul 03, 2017

    Good day. Sir almost 2months we have no salary. What can we do? thanks.

  • mavis Jul 11, 2017

    the company is blaming the bank for delayed salaries. to whom can we complain about this

  • Antoh B Jul 11, 2017

    I have been working one year for a security company but the salary dates keep shifting deeper into every month,and yet we fend our meals from that same salary so the question is on these grounds am I eligible to find a new job opening with a different company in a different profession other than security.?