Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Qatar boasts of 87 public parks

Tribune News Network
Qatar now has 87 public parks compared to only 48 in 2010, according to the Public Parks Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.
As many as 39 integrated parks were established across the country between 2010 and 2016, the department said.
More than 37,000 Zizyphus trees and plants have been planted so far in different municipalities since 2012. An estimated 1 million citrus trees were planted in 2016 alone.
Also, more than 2 million seasonal flowers, 300,000 groundcovers, 200,000 shrubs, 200,000 hedges and 300,000 trees of various kinds were grown.
As many as 1,800,000 plants were distributed to the municipalities and some rare plant species were also planted.
In addition, dozens of new plants have also been introduced to the country.
Open air theatre (HawaScene) programme, which was slated at Dahl al Hamam Park, will be started at other parks soon.
The HawaScene programme at Dahl al Hamam Park runs until next March.
Use of water at the parks has also been rationalized, with water consumption being reduced by about 50 percent by the use of modern technology, the department said.