Monday, July 22, 2019
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New jersey for FC Kenya

New jersey for FC Kenya

As the Qatar Community Football League begins, many companies are showing their support to FC Kenya in different ways. They want the team to do well in the matches considering this would be the first time the team is taking part in a league.
One of these companies is Al Haidari Trading that has supported the team by giving them a uniform to motivate them. The blue and navy blue jersey was presented to FC Kenya officials on Wednesday during a friendly match with Qatarcelona team, where FC Kenya lost 2-0.
The team members appreciated the uniform saying they are grateful that there are people out there who appreciate them and that they are coming forward to sponsor them during this period.
Haidari Trading Sales Manager Mohammed Haidari said it was nice to support the team and it was an honour to get the opportunity to sponsor the uniform for such an important event. The company imports fresh fruits and vegetables from different continents including Europe, North America, South America, Europe, and Africa, especially Kenya, from where they import avocado, fine beans and mango.
Haidari said they thought of supporting the team because one of their clients, Zulfikar Farid from Kenya is in the team and they thought it was good to support him.
Talking about the colour of the uniform, Haidari said they just loved the blue and decided to go for it.
Haidari said he had much hope from the team and believes they will do well, because he has seen the team play."The team is quite competent and they are dedicated," he said, adding that this was the first time they sponsored the team and they planned to continue for a long-term."It will be our pleasure to continue supporting the team with the uniform in the long term."
Appreciating the sponsors, Kenyan Embassy Minister Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission Daniel Tanui said,"On behalf of the Kenya Embassy, we would like to thank Haidari Trading that has sponsored the uniform for the Kenyan team. It is a good to see companies that do business with Kenya supporting our community initiative. We thank them and we urge other companies to emulate then and support this team."
Bearing in mind that this would be the first time that the team will be taking part in the League, team manager John Ngurugwe said he was optimistic of the team performing well in the League.
"Even though we will be taking part for the first time, we are hopeful that we will do well in the matches. We have participated in friendly matches and we have been able to correct our mistakes."


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