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NU-Q welcomes Class of 2020

NU-Q welcomes Class of 2020

Ailyn Agonia
Eighty-two students from Qatar and 25 other countries were officially welcomed by the Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) during a Convocation Ceremony for Class of 2020 in Education City on Sunday.
The ceremony was led by NU-Q Dean and CEO Everette E Dennis and attended by faculty members, other students and families of the members of Class of 2020 the largest class NU-Q has enrolled to date.
In his remarks, Dean Dennis described the members of Class of 2020 as"smart, accomplished and enthusiastic". He welcomed them to the Northwestern family which he said includes more than 200,000 alumni across the globe.
"Today, we are gathered in solemn convocation to affirm the vision, mission and purposes of NU-Q and especially to welcome the great class of 2020. NU-Q exists in this place by the invitation of Qatar Foundation which had the imagination and foresight to recognise the importance of communication, media and journalism in Qatar's national development. Qatar's visionary 2030 plan for national development exclusively acknowledges the need for educated citizens and professionals to ensure that media and communication is a part of quest to create a knowledge-based economy for this country and region," the NU-Q official said.
He also stressed the significance and impact on the society of the developments in the media industry including in traditional news and entertainment media and the latest in digital platform.
Jemima Marcos Legaspi, president of NU-Q Student Union, also welcomed the new NU-Q students with an inspiring remark reiterating the importance of their life's journey.
"During this journey you will discover new aspects of your personality. You will learn to look at situations with various perspectives. You will know what you are passionate about and what truly matters to you. Keep in mind that this is only possible if you are willing to challenge yourselves and step out of your comfort zone," the student leader said.
The event featured American author, journalist and educator Ellis Cose as the keynote speaker on the occasion. Cose is author of a dozen books on issues of national and international concern. It includes the best-selling 'The Rage of a Privileged Class', a novel (The Best Defense), and is currently completing a memoir: 'Fighting to be Heard'.
The ceremony concluded with the recognition of Dean's List students followed by the singing of the University Alma Mater.


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