Sunday, March 29, 2020
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virus death toll rises to 81

The death toll from a new coronavirus in China increased to 81 on Monday with the hard-hit province of Hubei announcing 24 new fatalities. The virus has infected more than 2,700 across China, with cases found in around a dozen countries as far away as France and the US.
Global alarm grows
Mongolia has closed the border with China to cars. Malaysia banned visitors from Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, and its surrounding Hubei province. The US, France and Japan are among countries looking to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan. France plans to fly citizens out of the city in the middle of this week. Belgium, Bangladesh, India and Spain said they were working to repatriate their nationals.
Coronavirus cases in China
2,886 Confirmed cases
5,794 Suspected cases
461 In critical condition
59 People recovered and discharged from hospital
Wuhan, the ground zero for where the disease emerged, is in lockdown and several other cities have imposed travel bans
International scenario
Thailand: 8 cases
US, Australia: 5 cases
Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea: 4
France, Japan: 3
Vietnam: 2
Nepal, Canada, Cambodia: 1