Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Home-made bombs meant to “kill and maim” defused in Hong Kong

Hong KONG: Two highly explosive home-made bombs were found and successfully defused by Hong Kong’s Bomb Disposal Unit on Monday night at Hua Yan College on Hong Kong Island, police said on Tuesday.
Police are investigating whether the bombs are in any way connected to the anti-government protests that have rocked the semi-autonomous city for half a year. 
Addressing the press, Senior Bomb Disposal Officer Alick McWhirter said that the radio-controlled, improvised explosive devices were “complete and fully functional” and ready to be set off via a mobile phone. McWhirter called the seized devices “exceptionally dangerous” and “credible,” adding that they contained 10 kilograms of powerful explosives as well as shrapnel in the form of nails that would have exploded outwards upon detonation. 
The sole purpose of such bombs is “to kill and to maim people,” McWhirter asserted, adding that had they been used, “they would have killed and injured a large number of people.”
Protests first broke out in Hong Kong in June over a now-defunct extradition bill, but the demands have grown to include independent inquiry into police brutality and political reform. (DPA)