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New challenge at ‘Qatar’s Strongest Man’ contest

Tribune News Network
Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) has finalised preparations for the 7th edition of Qatar’s Strongest Man scheduled to take place at Aspire Park on Friday, December 13, 2019 from 4pm.
From 19 participants, only eight of the strongest entrants who successfully completed the physical challenges will proceed to the actual competition.
The eight finalists will go through five challenges; the first challenge is Conan’s Wheel in which contestants must lift and carry a 180kg bar on a rotating platform. The second challenge is Sand Bag Lifting: Contestants take sand bags off a box and place them on high stands.
The third challenge is Giant Wheel Tyre Flipping: Athletes must flip a 120kg tyre down a 25-metre course. The forth challenge is Truck Pulling: Athletes must pull a 6-tonne truck for 25 metres.
This edition stands out because of the new challenge, Axle Press: This is a distant cousin of an Olympic lift in which contestant must lift the axle from the floor to overhead.
Aspire Zone has successfully transformed the championship into an exciting competitions popular in Qatar’s sports-loving society.
On the day of the competition, AZF will also organise a series of accompanying community activities for all the family to enjoy the event. There will be a fan zone with functions and sports activities for kids, in addition to food and beverage.
This year’s edition is sponsored by Ooredoo Qatar, Aspire Active, Jaidah Group - Heavy Equipment, Megapolis Entertainment Center, Trampo, Red Bull and Corona café.