Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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US court rules Deutsche Bank hand over Trump records

A US court ruled on Tuesday that Deutsche Bank must hand over financial documents pertaining to President Donald Trump to Congressional committees, though the decision will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court.
Trump’s legal team has already appealed two similar cases to the country’s top court after suffering setbacks at lower levels of the judiciary, as the president continues to refuse to release documents to Congress and a Manhattan prosecutor.
While it can still be overturned, the latest legal decision by a federal appeals court on the Deutsche Bank case is a win for Democrats in the House of Representatives who are investigating Trump.
The court said there was a “significant public interest” in allowing Congress to subpoena such documents from Deutsche Bank and Capital One, a bank.
In September, Democrats in the House launched an impeachment inquiry against Trump over his dealings with Ukraine, alleging he pressured a foreign country to dig up dirt on his domestic political rival.
Deutsche Bank was one of Trump’s most important lenders for his real estate business, and Congress has subpoenaed the financial firm for records on the president to determine if any of his private sector dealings were possibly illegal and involving foreign governments.
The Supreme Court has issued a stay in favour of Trump, meaning the documents remain outside the hands of investigators, though it has not ruled in his favour.