Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Qatar ranks 2nd in Arab region in global competitiveness index

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Qatar has been ranked 29th in the world and second in the Arab world out of the 141 countries surveyed in the annual global competitiveness index.
The Global Competitiveness Report 2019, published annually by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in collaboration with the Qatari Businessmen Association (QBA) and the Institute of Social and Economic Research of the University of Qatar (SESRI), showed that Qatar went up one rank from last year’s 30th place out of 140 countries, which reflects Qatar’s continued global competitiveness. Qatar has ranked higher than several countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia (36), Bahrain (45), Italy, Turkey, Russia, India, Poland and Argentina.
Most of them belong to the G20 as the world’s largest economy.
Oman witnessed a decline of six ranks to 53rd rank, while Kuwait witnessed remarkable progress jumping eight ranks to reach 46.
Meanwhile, Egypt was ranked 93 this year going up one place from last year.
With a score of 84.8 (+1.3), Singapore is the world’s most competitive economy in 2019.
The US remains the most competitive large economy in the world, coming in at second place. Hong Kong (3), Netherlands (4) and Switzerland (5) round up the top five.
Qatar ranks first in the Arab world and among the top 10 countries globally in many indicators.
For example, in the institutional pillar, Qatar moved two ranks up from last year to reach seventh globally in the “efficiency of the legal framework in challenging regulations” indicator and ranked sixth in the “government’s responsiveness to change”, while ranked eighth in the “government long term vision”.
As for the information and communication technology (ICT) adoption pillar, Qatar remains among the top 10 economies globally, ranking eighth. It’s worth noting that Qatar is first (1st) globally in terms of the “internet user” indicator.
In terms of skills, Qatar is ranked eighth globally in the “skillset of graduates” indicator, and third in the “ease of finding skilled employees’ indicator and ranked sixth in the “skills of future workforce”.
As for the financial system, Qatar is ranked fourth globally in the “financing of SMEs” indicator, and ranked fifth in the “venture capital availability”
In addition to 23 indicators, Qatar is ranked 10th and 20th globally, in terms of property rights, public sector performance, quality of infrastructure in transport in terms of road connectivity, quality of roads, efficiency of air transport services and efficiency of seaport services.