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New HBKU Press book shines light on Dr Kuwari’s bid to head UNESCO

New HBKU Press
book shines light
on Dr Kuwari’s bid 
to head UNESCO

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Islamic and Arab contributions to modern-day culture and society provide the backdrop for one of Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press’ (HBKU Press) most anticipated publications.
Written by HE Dr Hamad bin Abdulaziz al Kuwari, ‘Wazulum Thawy Alqurba...Altariq ila UNESCO’ tells the story of the Minister of State’s 2017 bid to become the Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in an election that coincided with the start of the blockade of Qatar.
This is the second book written by Dr Kuwari to be published by HBKU Press after ‘A‘la Qadri Ahli Al‘azm’ and its English translation ‘The Global Majlis’ (2016). His latest publication was revealed at a signing event at the HBKU Press bookstore recently.
The book launch was the highlight of the College of Islamic Studies’ four-day ‘Maker-Majlis: Islam in a Global World’ event, which sought to blend the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with ethical Islamic practices.
HBKU Press is committed to disseminating works by prominent local figures on a global platform, acting as an agent to promote these voices and perspectives to audiences around the world, said a press statement from the publishing house.
‘Wazulum Thawy Alqurba...Altariq Ila UNESCO’ explores how centuries of Islamic and Arab contributions have shaped contemporary culture up to a pivotal moment in history when a Qatari nearly became the first Arab head of the most influential cultural organization in the world.
With regional politics being played out on the international stage, Dr Kuwari gives a first-hand account of how his personal destiny was impacted by tensions that have forever swayed the course of Gulf and Arab history.
“This book is a revelation of my innermost thoughts and rationale, and an objective view of the issues I faced during my candidacy for the post of Director-General in the 2017 UNESCO elections,” says Dr Kuwari. “It outlines the struggles I faced and my will and determination to succeed, no matter what the obstacles were before me.”
Dr Kuwari was formerly the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Qatar (2008-2016) as well as the Ambassador to France, the US, UNESCO and the UN.
‘Wazulum Thawy Alqurba... Altariq Ila UNESCO’ is available in bookstores across Qatar, online at Amazon Kindle, as well as at HBKU Press’s dedicated bookstore located on the ground floor of Minaretein (College of Islamic Studies Building).