Friday, April 10, 2020
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New Sweden minister presses ‘feminist foreign policy’

Stockholm: Sweden on Tuesday named a new foreign minister, appointing trade minister Ann Linde who vowed to press on with the country’s “feminist foreign policy”.
Linde, 57, replaces Margot Wallstrom, 64, who made headlines in 2014 when she put gender equality at the heart of Sweden’s international agenda.
Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who heads a coalition comprising his Social Democratic Party and the Greens, announced the reshuffle as he presented the government’s programme when the Swedish parliament resumed after the summer break.
“Ann Linde has been working with foreign policy in different forms for many years,” Lofven told a press conference.
“That means she has both extensive knowledge and a large network around the world, which will be of great benefit in her new role.” Linde, 57, said she would continue the policy of her predecessor, which includes the promotion of women’s economic emancipation, fighting sexual violence and improving women’s political participation. (AFP)