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Al Attiyah Foundation to host global experts to deliberate ways to reduce CO2 emissions

Al Attiyah Foundation to host global experts
to deliberate ways to reduce CO2 emissions

Tribune News Network
Al Attiyah Foundation, one of the leading energy and sustainable development think tanks, will be hosting global experts for its 3rd CEO Roundtable of 2019 in Doha on September 12.
The highly interactive and content driven CEO Roundtables allow government ministers, industry leaders and deans from local universities to engage with international experts on the chosen theme “Reducing CO2 Emissions from Heavy Industry”.
“As the world responds to climate change and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is on top of the agenda for most people, energy-intensive industries must decarbonise to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. I look forward to hosting our special guests to help us unravel the challenges and opportunities faced by this industry sector,” commented Abdullah bin Hamad al Attiyah, chairman of the foundation.
“The industrial sector in general uses more delivered energy than any other end-use sector, which amounts to around 54 percent of the world’s total energy consumption. The following industries are considered to be energy-intensive: food, pulp and paper, basic chemicals, refining, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic minerals. Consequently, the same industries emit 15 Gt CO2-equivalent of the yearly industrial emissions. In addition, the rising energy demand from the ever-growing population and urbanisation adds extra pressure on the industry to meet supply while continuing to reduce emissions,” said a press release from the foundation.
Al Attiyah Foundation’s invited experts are drawn particularly from the iron and steel, aluminum and cement sectors: John Drexhage, Energy & Extractives Global Practice Consultant at The World Bank; Liv Rathe, director at the Corporate Climate Office of Norsk Hydro; Matthew Bateson, senior environment and corporate affairs executive and former head of environment, climate change & legacy management at Rio Tinto; and Dr Patrick Linke, professor of chemical engineering programme at Texas A&M University in Qatar.
The required transitions will not take place in the absence of smart and committed public policies, building on currently available technologies, or without a paradigm shift towards higher levels of resource efficiency and a circular economy. The speakers and guests at the CEO Roundtable will review the major barriers and enablers, and how effective policy frameworks could be introduced to minimise the challenges and enhance the opportunities.
Attiyah envisaged the CEO Roundtable Series as a platform for knowledge exchange and support for the global community in the quest towards a sustainable energy future. Following the roundtable, the views will be captured in a Whitepaper and hosted on Al Attiyah Foundation’s website at
In addition to the CEO Roundtable Series, the foundation publishes energy and sustainable development research and insights through a variety of daily, weekly and monthly reports and papers.