Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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‘We have specialised, experienced doctors to meet any emergencies’

‘We have specialised, experienced 
doctors to meet any emergencies’

How many patients do you receive every day?
We receive between 130 and 150 patients every day, around 4,000 patients monthly.
What kinds of facilities and equipment do you have at the Al Emadi Emergency Department?
As I said, we have specialised, well-experienced doctors in all fields who are ready to see patients at anytime in urgent cases. We also have a fully equipped surgery room that is ready to receive patients and provide immediate surgical intervention if needed such as delivery, wounds and other urgent cases especially for patients who underwent surgeries at Al Emadi Hospital. In these cases, the surgeon who has conducted the surgery intervenes immediately and transfers the patients to the concerned clinic for further follow-up.
What’s your advice to parents for their children?
As I said, most cases of children at the Emergency here are of fevers and influenza, which is usually because of sudden temperature change between indoor air-conditioned buildings and the hot weather outside. I would advise parents to adjust their air-conditioners at normal temperature and avoid very cold temperatures, which can be harmful for their children as they have a weaker immunity.
How do you diagnose the cases?
We diagnose each case individually. Besides the reason to prioritise them, we are always keen to carefully diagnose the cases and study them to find out if the patients need other treatments and follow-ups with specialised clinics. This is because we don’t just want to rid the pain of a patient or give him a temporary treatment. For instance, there are many causes of a headache but sometimes it can be a very serious issue that needs a different method of treatment and more observation. We usually transfer our patients to specialists after giving them immediate treatment.
What’s your advice to people for a healthy life?
I recommend people to maintain a healthy diet and avoid eating fast-foods and unhealthy eating behaviour as many of the cases we receive here are of indigestion and abdominal issues caused by unhealthy food. They should also exercise regularly as this keeps the body running well and avoid many diseases.