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Treated Sunil as
a technician in
Jakkanna: Director

Treated Sunil as <br/>a technician in <br/>Jakkanna: Director


Director Vamsi Krishna Akella, who awaits the release of forthcoming Telugu comedy Jakkanna, says actor Sunil wanted to be treated as a technician on the sets of the film which releases in cinemas on Friday.
"Unlike other actors, he doesn't want to be seen as a hero. Since he's always willing to learn, he wanted to be treated as a technician. When we were shooting, he asked me to treat him as an assistant director and openly discuss everything," Akella said, adding that Sunil's comic sense came very handy while working on the project.
"Everybody knows Sunil's comic sense is always at its peak and is unmatchable. He understands comedy like no other actor can and my film stands testimony to that. While working on some of the comedy stretches of the film, his suggestions helped the overall output," he said.
Much before Sunil became a leading hero; he was a popular comedian for a decade.
Did Sunil's comedian side interfere in the film's making?
"He would never force his opinions on me. He'd share suggestions and if I find them reasonable, I'd incorporate them in the film. We complemented each other in a very healthy way. It was a treat to work with him," he said.
Jakkanna, which also stars Mannara Chopra, comes after Sunil's unsuccessful projects such as Mr. Pellikoduku, Bhimavaram Bullodu and Krishnashtami.


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