Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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New Leabaib Health Center screening suite to cater to over 900 visitors weekly

New Leabaib Health Center screening 
suite to cater to over 900 visitors weekly

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has expanded the capacity of the existing breast and bowel screening suite at Leabaib Health Center to attend to over 900 people weekly.
The screening for breast and bowel under ‘Screen For Life’ is conducted under the National Cancer Programme to promote education, awareness and early detection of breast and bowel cancer in Qatar.
PHCC Managing Director Dr Mariam Abdulmalik and PHCC Manager of Screening Programmes Dr Shaikha Abu Shaikha opened the expanded screening suite.
Speaking during the opening, Dr Abdulmalik said more than 50,000 people have been screened since the launch of the programme in 2016, adding they will continue to expand it to cater to more people.
She said, “It has been an eventful journey for PHCC in creating awareness in Qatar of the timely screening of breast and bowel cancer as in 2018 only we provided breast screening for 7,623 women and bowel screening for 9,351 participants. Looking at the growing awareness, the expansion strategy of our present screening centres would augur well in encompassing the growth in the number of participants coming for screening and gathering information.
“This expansion strategy would be replicated for other centres as well to offer ease and convenience to the visitors coming out and helping us in achieving our mission of healthier Qatar in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.”
In the expanded suite, all the screening steps will take place in the same space. The suite is characterised by a higher capacity that reaches 180 visitors per day, more nurse rooms, more screening rooms and follow up rooms with extended working hours, in addition to separate male and female entrances.
Dr Abu Shaikha said PHCC aims to offer the best screening services in Qatar and the expansion strategy goes with their mission of screening all the eligible population of Qatar.
“We are happy to expand our current capacity of screening at Leabaib Health Center and the same will follow at Rawdat Al Khail Health Center. We are confident that the year 2019 will prove to be extremely beneficial in spreading our motive at various parts of Qatar, thereby eventually making it the healthiest country to live in,” she said.
According to her, breast cancer screening at Leabaib Health Center for women between 45 and 69 years will now take only 20 minutes for each appointment. A second Mammogram room has been added to double the capacity of the screening suite to reach 90 visitors per day and 450 visitors per week.
The capacity of the bowel screening which targets men and women between 50 and 74 years old has reached 96 visitors per day and 480 per week.
PHCC Head of Screening Programmes (Design and Implementation) Dr Mariam al Mass said, “The suite has a higher capacity to accommodate around 900 participants per week, instead of around 450 visitors in the previous one. We have also extended the timings to accommodate more participants. We are inviting more participants, both Qataris and expatriates, to come for screening through our call centre.”
The clinic’s staff speaks different languages, including Arabic, English, Indian and Tagalog. The target population can call 800 1112 to book appointments.