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'Qatar improving teachers' financial, work conditions'

'Qatar improving teachers' financial, work conditions'

Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al Thani on Thursday attended the celebrations of Teachers' Day coinciding with the World Teachers' Day, which falls on October 5 of every year.
Speaking on the ceremony, Minister of Education and Higher Education HE Dr Mohammed bin Abdul Wahed al Hammadi said the celebration is a confirmation of Qatar's national obligations and international commitments, and the embodiment of children's right to education and the right of teachers to be taken care of.
He said Qatar has made improvements in teachers' financial and work conditions among top priorities and has provided them with a safe and stable educational environment.
He noted that the celebration of World Teachers Day promotes awareness of and renewed commitment to teachers' issues and professional concerns, and it also highlights that the shortage of qualified teachers remains a challenge at the global level.
Dr Hammadi pointed out that the ministry is committed to attracting Qataris to teaching profession to build national capacities in the field of education, including the evaluation of national programmes for recruiting teachers, as directed by the Prime Minister to prioritise 'Tumoh' programme and increase allocations and incentives for the programme participants.
The minister urged teachers to continue doing their best to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030, through instilling the values of belonging and loyalty in the students, to emphasise their identity, give them more space to express their opinions and to strengthen the culture dialogue and acceptance of other opinions.
He also implored teachers to help students in promoting their critical thinking, discovering and developing their talents and recognising the variables influencing their academic achievement.
UNESCO representative in Doha, Anna Paolini, described education as a fundamental human right that promotes peace, tolerance and social inclusion, as well as a critical factor in eradicating poverty and allows children and young people to fully utilise their potentials.
Paolini said its necessary to work to increase the quality of education opportunities for all youth and eliminate discrimination at all stages.
Hassan al Hammadi, a teacher at the Religious Institute, requires him to do and give without limits, to continue scientific research and to seek training and professional development and to acquire new skills that help him to do his best in the job.
Hammadi appreciated Qatar's interest in education, the improvement of the status of teachers and the role of teachers in development.
At the end of the ceremony, the minister honoured 100 female and male teachers.


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