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Latin American artworks on display at Katara

Latin American artworks on display at Katara

Llewellyn Flores - Doha :

Exquisite works of 10 Latin American artists captivated the attention of art enthusiasts at the Algarabia Exhibition at the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) on Wednesday.

The inauguration of the exhibition organised in cooperation with the Latin American embassies in Qatar was attended by Katara Deputy Director Ahmed al Sayed, Latin American ambassadors to Qatar and other dignitaries.

Argentine Ambassador to Qatar HE Rossana Cecilia Surballe welcomed the guests and introduced the artists participating in the exhibition.

She thanked Katara General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti, Sayed and the Katara International Affairs Department for their support to Latin American initiatives in Qatar.

Speaking about the exhibition, Surballe said,"Algarabia is a word full of meaning. It introduces us to the challenge and joy of intercultural communication and leads us into a realm of shared experiences, feelings and discoveries of similarities behind differences." Algarabia depicts the cultures of Latin America and the Middle East.

In some of the works, elements common to both cultures are evident. In others, the artists took inspiration from Middle Eastern cultural components such as the camel, the abaya and geometric designs common to its architecture.

"For us 'algaravia' which came from the Arabic word 'al-arabiya' means happiness. And for me, the best way to show happiness from South America is the 'Catrina' (La Calavera Catrina) from Mexico," said Argentine artist Angeles Ollarburo.

For Leonora Benavides from Chile, the horse, which is depicted in one of her paintings, represents the grace of both Latin and Arab men.

Venezuelan artist Johnatan Machado Tepper exhibited geometric-inspired art using 35mm film. He said,"I used film to reproduce Islamic patterns. Using an unconventional material, I applied a very old technique to create a contemporary art. It's a fusion of non-classical material and a traditional technique." The exhibition, located at Katara Building 18 Gallery 2, will run until May 14 and is open to the public.


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