Monday, March 25, 2019
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Gun-free country

I'm amazed of how my 11-year-old child feels about gun safety in Qatar, and how thankful she is that she always feels safe and worry-free at home, school, parks, or wherever she may be in and around Doha. Although she thinks and speaks like an adult, all I can do is to agree with all her thoughts and opinions about the ongoing debate on gun control law in the United States. This is in connection with the recent shooting at a high school in Florida, USA. Upon learning of the shooter's 'dark behaviour', my daughter said she thinks that gun might not be the major problem, but rather how a country lacks support in its people's well-being or how parents are incorrectly raising their children. She clearly has a point. While I agree that there should be gun control law in the US, I guess there should first be tougher control against a child's deviant behaviour, and it should start at home with parents taking the responsibility. I was a witness to a pattern of delinquent children in expensive schools back home, who eventually turned into violent adults. I also feel that some children nowadays are lost, and that it is high time that parents fulfil their responsibility after bringing them into this cruel world, and that the government must also not ignore mental health issues. This is why I'm convinced I've made the right decision in choosing Qatar to be our second home. You won't see random people carrying guns, and yet the government is giving full attention to people's health, safety and security. My child said she's thankful that her expat parents brought her here in the country, because there is nothing to worry about school violence and mass shooting spree. And I can only agree! Thank you, Qatar for keeping us safe...all the time!

Mary V

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