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Ending the suffering of siege victims
an urgent priority: NHRC chairman

Ending the suffering of siege victims<br/>an urgent priority: NHRC chairman

ENDING the suffering of the siege victims is an urgent priority for the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) and it should not be linked to the path of political solution to the crisis, Dr Ali bin Smaikh al Marri, NHRC chairman, has said.
During his meeting with representatives of the media in Berlin, Marri spoke about the NHRC's priorities in its efforts that have been underway for eight months since the siege.
He explained that the committee will not stop its efforts, and will not give up its commitments to the families of siege victims, to defend their rights, and follow up all possible legal procedures to redress them. He further said that what the siege countries did had never happened in the history of the GCC countries, even in the Gulf crisis of 2014.
Marri noted that NHRC continues to receive complaints and coordinates with the Compensation Committee to ensure legal and judicial issues to redress the victims. He added that the Committee has received about 4,000 complaints since the beginning of the crisis.
On why the siege countries prevent the movement of people, Marri said that the blockading countries resorted to punish citizens with harsh decisions to put pressure on governments in the hope that these pressures would contribute to stirring up internal unrest in Qatar, but the fact is that all the Gulf people rejected the measures. So, these countries rushed to impose strict laws to prevent the mere sympathy with Qatar or to oppose the siege decision, he added.
On his vision for resolving the crisis, Marri said:"The crisis solution begins with lifting the injustice of the siege victims immediately and unconditionally. I told the officials of the human rights institutions of the siege countries that people should not be taken hostage."
Talking to reporters directly, Marri concluded:"We are addressing you because you are keen to know the truth, and you can ask the siege countries' officials, why they use people as a tool to settle political differences."


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