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QCA: Arbitration training for teachers

QCA: Arbitration training for teachers

Victor Bolorunduro
ABOUT 10 teachers from independent schools recently concluded training in chess arbitration organised by the Qatar Chess Association (QCA) at the Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib Preparatory School for Boys in Doha.
The three-day training, which concluded on February 7, was aimed at equipping teachers with the required tools necessary to help them develop critical thinking capacity in students.
Participating schools include Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib Preparatory School for Boys, Saad Bin Moaz Primary School for Boys, Al Karana Primary School for Boys and Omar Bin Al Khattab Preparatory School for Boys and Girls and Qatar Primary School for Boys.
QCA technical expert Eng. Salman Ahmed al Dori and other officials from QCA facilitated the training.
The course dealt with theoretical and practical theorems in chess arbitration as well as understanding the chess rules and the new amendments adopted in 2018 by the International Chess Federation.
Participants were made to understand the rules of the Swiss system in the management of tournaments and the terms of the titles of referees and rules of tie break and the duties of chess rule before and during the competition.
Specification of successful referee, rules of competitions and the use of electronic watches in arbitration were also treated.
Dori said that training the trainers programme is one of the top-most priorities of the federation.
"We believe in transferring knowledge through the medium that is closest to the students, in this case, the teachers. Since teachers interact with students on a daily basis, they are in the best position to introduce chess to the students and encourage them to take to the sport, hence the importance of the training," he said.
"Our developmental programme is right on track and we intend to do more. We are targeting school kids because of the importance of introducing them to the sport at an early stage for them to grow with it. We hope to see more Grandmasters emerging from Qatar soon with what the federation has put in place," Dori added.
At the end of the course, participants were awarded certificates according to the rules of the referees' titles after passing the test approved by the QCA. Gifts were also exchanged between Hamza Bin Abdul Muttalib Preparatory School for Boys and QCA.


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