Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Popular French minister denies sex harassment rumours

France's environment minister Nicolas Hulot furiously fended off rumours of sexual harassment on Thursday two weeks after another member of President Emmanuel Macron's cabinet was accused of rape.
Hulot, a celebrity green activist who is one of Macron's most popular ministers, appeared close to tears in a television interview as he denied the"shameful"rumours.
"It hurts, when it's wrongful and unfounded. Yesterday my children were in tears,"the 62-year-old said, describing the situation as"a nightmare".
Hulot, a TV star who has forged a three-decade career as an environmental campaigner, won swift support from the presidency.
"As he has not been charged, there is no reason why he should resign,"Macron's office said. "I was questioned at my own request and investigators very quickly concluded that there was nothing suggesting the case should be followed up," Hulot said.

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