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MoI issues fire safety tips for residents, campers

Tribune News Network
The Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Thursday issued an elaborate list of safety tips for the residents as well as desert campers to follow during winter while using heaters or making bonfire.
The tips include having a good quality heater with standard electrical fittings, placing the heater close to the nearest socket and avoiding extension cable, avoiding overloading of the heater, keeping the heater away from inflammable materials and children and making sure to switch it off while going to sleep.
Besides, the MoI advises campers to be careful with the bonfire inside the tent or the mobile accommodation unit for the purpose of heating as it is one of the major causes of fire.
The tips include, turn off the source of fire while sleeping in the tent, take the necessary prevention measures while setting wood on fire and ensure presence of a fire extinguisher.
The MoI also recommends avoiding burning coal or wood for heating as it causes emission of toxic carbon monoxide resulting in suffocation and poisoning.
"The burning of wood or coal in closed places without proper ventilation leads to concentration of carbon monoxide and dioxide, risking the life of the people there with suffocation or permanent brain damage or death", it points out.


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