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Culinary masters, artists unite for Qatari food & art fest at Sheraton

Culinary masters, artists unite for Qatari food & art fest at Sheraton

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Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel on Thursday launched Qatari food and art festival titled 'Alwan' at Al Hubara restaurant.
The three-day event will continue until February 10, bringing together 'We Caf`' Chefs and renowned artists to celebrate art, culture and food.
General Manager at Sheraton Grand Doha Saeid Heidari said,"We are thrilled to celebrate, recognise and appreciate talented artists and culinary masters in Qatar. The festival aims to spread Qatari cultural awareness and engagement in our community through food and art. We would like to commend our inspiring artists and chefs for putting forth their best efforts to portray their artistry that reflect what is dearest to their hearts, our beloved Qatar."
Making its debut at Al Hubara restaurant, Alwan will showcase the best of local dishes and talent from six renowned artists. The hotel invites guests to discover Qatar's culture through a unique gastronomic experience.
The lineup of carefully thought dishes will be prepared by 'We Caf`' chefs, led by Chef Hassan Abdullah al Ibrahim, director of We group.
The event will also bring in Amena Rashid Musa, a Qatari baker and a distinctive pastry chef, specialising in desserts making, well known for her iconic Saffron cake which is now widely served in most of the coffee shops in Qatar, Dunya Abed, a distinctive cook specialising in Hijazi dishes such as Bukhari, Yaghmash and Kabli and other Mediterranean dishes.
While diners are enjoying unique and innovated dishes, the exceptional visual arts and crafts of Qatari artists will be displayed at the hotel's lobby by Al Hubara restaurant.
Guests are invited to explore the diverse collection of artworks from Ahmed bin Majed Almaadheed, Ahmed al Mulla, Abeer al Kuwari, Bouthayna al Muftah, Ahmed al Jufairi and Fahad al Obaidly.
Ahmed bin Majed Almaadheed, known for the iconic portrait of the Emir, 'Tamim Al Majd' (Tamim is Glory in English), will be showing his additional works at the festival. His portrait is an expression of the deep love and unparalleled reverence of the people of Qatar ” both Qataris and expatriates ” for the Emir His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani.
Joining Almaadheed is Ahmed al Mulla and Abeer al Kuwari.
Mulla is a specialised artist in drawing portraits and is currently exhibiting his work in Katara.
Kuwari, a Qatari multidisciplinary visual artist who emerged in the field of photography, will also be part of the local artist line-up at the festival.
She has been awarded many certificates of appreciation and won numerous awards for her beautiful photography.
Visitors to the festival will be able to view an artwork by Bouthayna al Muftah. Her work centres on her passion for Qatari tradition and culture due to her very rich background and strong Qatari roots.
Among her inspirations are stories of Qatari heritage and the remnants of folklore of the past. For attendees looking for something more abstract, Jufairi's art is contemporary, pop-inspired and conceptual. He puts great thought into the meanings behind his pieces and likes to focus on the idea of subliminal messaging.
Finally displaying his collection alongside the other five Qatari artists is fashion curator Fahad al Obaidly. With multiple interests such as fashion design, film, drawing and installation, Fahad addresses issues of 'identity crisis' in his work. His art reflects a state of instability due to the loss of personal identity resulting from the rapid development taking place in the Gulf.


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