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Qatar's first Chocolate, Coffee and Tea Festival

Qatar's first Chocolate, Coffee and Tea Festival

Llewellyn Flores
QATAR will hold the first edition of Chocolate, Coffee and Tea Festival (CTCF) at the Hotel Park Sheraton in Doha from January 25 to February 3.
The 10-day festival, organised by Four and One (a communication and marketing strategist), will bring together over 40 vendors to showcase their chocolate, tea and coffee products. It will hold professional and amateur competitions on pastry, chocolate, tea and coffee-making, conduct seminars with well-known industry pros and pioneers as resource persons, discuss food pairings, conduct tastings and share cake-making recipes.
Four and One Chairman, Omran al Sherawi, said:"We are pleased to organise the Chocolate, Tea and Coffee Festival. It is a fun fiesta for the learner or the coinsurer."
The festival will not just influence the palate but educate its visitors and participants too. It aims to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs.
"This festival aims to reach the public," said Qatar Culinary Professionals member, Yuksel Mutlu."We do events and competitions for professionals but the public does not get that opportunity. In this festival, we are targeting the public. We want everyone to get the opportunity to see, acquire technical knowledge and ask questions. We are ready to share our experiences with them."
Mutlu added that in the competitions' participants will be given feedback on the strengths of their work and areas they can improve in. They will also have the opportunity to test new products and recipes.
Four and One has partnered with Bedaya Centre for the event which will provide financial, legal and structural advice to aspiring entrepreneurs."We want to identify local talent, give them the opportunity to open their own shop and help them grow in the industry," said Four and One CEO Fernando De Guama.


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