Thursday, January 17, 2019
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CMC seeks amendments
to GCC standardisations

Hisham Aljundi
Owing to the current changes in the region, the Central Municipal Council (CMC) has recommended revision to the GCC standardisation for imported goods and called for adoption of local standardisations instead.
As a result of the unjust blockade imposed on Qatar, it is becoming diffucult for merchants and suppliers to conform to the GCC standards specifications from the GCC Standardization Organization headquarters in Riyadh.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, CMC member from District 10 Abdulrahman al Khulaifi, who came up with the recommendation, said the move would ease the trade domestically and proffer solution for merchants who struggle with suppliers to acquire the standardisation specifications.
The CMC has submitted its recommendation to the Qatar General Organisation for Standardization (QGOS) to take the necessary steps to consider local standardisations for imported goods.
Khulaifi also urged QGOS to revise regulations regarding car tyres and their validity."There is a misconception that vehicle tyres are only valid for two years while they are actually valid for five years. This misconception forces merchants to sell their wares to foreign companies at very low rates," Khulaifi said.
He noted that this was a misunderstanding by the Consumer Protection Department which bans selling of tyres older than two years, which leads to heavy losses to merchants.
Meanwhile, CMC has recommended the establishment of a new camel slaughterhouse in Dukhan and Abu Samra areas where camels were settled after being brought from Saudi Arabia due to the blockade.
The Council has also submitted recommendation to the Ministry of Religious Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs to cooperate with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) to use the water consumed for 'Wudu' (washing before prayer) to be used in watering gardens around mosques.
This recommendation aims to recycle water and rationalise consumption, in addition to increasing greenery around the mosques.


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