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Qatar internet charges below GCC average rates: Report

Qatar internet charges below GCC average rates: Report

Asif Iqbal
The average internet price in Qatar is about $149.5 per month, which is below the GCC's internet average price of $166 per month, according to a report published on Tuesday.
Qatar offers some of the fastest average internet speeds in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region and as of today, 99 percent of households are in areas covered by a fibre network, a report by website said.
According to, the internet charges in the UAE are the highest at $155.2 per month, while Kuwait records cheapest at $53.4 per month.
Highlighting Qatar's internet services, a recent report by BuddeComm, a global independent telecommunications research and consultancy company, said Qatar is considered to be one of the most highly connected markets in the Middle East and the consumers are becoming more and more savvy in their use of digital technology services.
The report said consumers in the country have embraced bundled packages, with both the uptake of double and triple-play increasing considerably, assisting the operators in their attempts to diversify operations.
"Qatar has increasingly become a progressive market for telecoms and a leader in the Middle East. The country has a vast array of networks and services on offer including 4G, VoLTE, LTE-A, M2M and fibre-based technologies and now 5G," BuddeComm said in its report. said globally, Iran provides the cheapest internet with an average monthly cost of $5.37, while Burkina Faso was the most expensive, with an average package price of $954.54 per month, demonstrating a vast disparity in the cost of broadband across the world.
The report further said that six of the top 10 countries, where broadband was the cheapest, were formerly parts of the USSR (now collectively known as the Commonwealth of Independent States or CIS), including the Russian Federation.
In western Europe, Italy was the cheapest with an average package price of $28.89 per month, followed by Germany ($34.07), Denmark ($35.90) and France ($36.34), the report said. The UK was the eighth cheapest out of 28, with an average package price of $40.52 per month.
Mexico was the cheapest country in central America with an average broadband package cost per month of $26.64, while Panama being the most expensive with an average package price of $112.77 per month, the report noted.
In North America, the report said Canada offers the cheapest broadband on average with $54.92 a month, 21 positions ahead of the US globally ($66.17). Bermuda provides the most expensive packages in the region with an average price of $126.80 per month.
As for China and India, the report said both the countries offer their 2.7 billion combined residents broadband for less than $40 per month, on average.


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