Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Being carefree is most beautiful about childhood: Dia Mirza


Dia Mirza hopes children are able to keep the"carefree" aspect of their childhood intact.
Dia is happy to see events like the forthcoming Mumbai Juniorthon and an initiative called Scrappy News Station which helps children spread awareness about issues affecting lives everywhere.
"The most beautiful thing about childhood is that you are carefree. They are free of fear and free of troubles. Unfortunately, kids today are fighting to be carefree and nothing breaks my heart more," the actress-producer said in a statement.
Impressed by the Scrappy News Team, she added:"As an environmentalist and conservationist, I am really proud that the Scrappy News is educating grown-ups about social issues. They are basically focusing on the health of their childhood and the true idea of progress by addressing the things that matter the most to children."
Scrappy News is mainly focusing on raising their voice for first and foremost open spaces for children to play and second, making open spaces conducive to the girl child to play and an unpolluted environment.
While talking about children's health priorities, Dia said she is happy to hear about the Juniorthon initiative but would be happier if it took place in a cleaner environment.
"I would want Junirothon to happen on the day when the air quality is good and I think that is a very important thing that we don't focus on enough."
The Juniorthon is a children's marathon for junior athletes in Mumbai.

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