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Go boho chic with Art Deco jewellery

Go boho chic with Art Deco jewellery


Project your artsy side with boho-inspired Art Deco style jewellery, say experts.
Travel back in time and indulge in the distinct vintage styles of every prominent era. Art Deco is a style that emerged in 1925, a result of exhibits at the World's Fair held in Paris, France. Geometrics play a big part in the Art Deco look.
"The main aim is to create a harmony between the modern and vintage elements. This harmony leads to what we call the bohemian look," designer Delna Poonawalla said.
CaratLane designer Sumanpreet Kaur suggests that a pair of Art Deco earrings or even a ring can instantly glam up your outfit.
"Bold contrasts work great for boho chic looks. Keep your look minimalistic by adding a pair of bold earrings with an off shoulder top and a long ruffled skirt and let your earrings do the talking. Feather hair accessories can instantly amp your look," said Poonawalla.
Bracelets are a must-have for this kind of style.
"Add a beautiful rose gold bracelet inspired by the Art Deco buildings that adorn the skylines that symbolise the glory of the city," said designer Chetan Sharma from CaratLane.
Boho chic clothing comes in many patterns - floral and avant-garde-style accents are popular, as are checks and ethnic-inspired prints.
"If you do experiment with fun patterns, be sure to pair them with relatively neutral items such as a bracelet or an Art Deco ring for an interesting and balanced look," said Kaur.
Accessorising with fringes, floral prints, nature related prints, pom-poms, printed embroidery on denims or in the form of patches works well to add in to your look, says Poonawalla.
Are you inspired to try the Art Deco look?

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