Friday, October 19, 2018
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Literary award for Doha-based author

Literary award for Doha-based author

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Doha-based Indian author, Dr Amanulla Vadakkangara, recently won the Paramount Literary Award instituted by the King's University, USA.
The prize was awarded for his book Arabic for Every Day Spoken Arabic for all, published by New Delhi-based publisher Good Word Books.
Kings University President Dr Selvin Kumar presented the award to Dr Vadakkangara at a glittering ceremony held in Madurai India.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Kumar highlighted the importance of mastering as many foreign languages as possible as it opens up windows of cultural horizons."Humanity has come through various stages of civilisation and the art of writing as well as speaking languages is its highest achievements. The treasure of human culture and civilisations can be opened through mastering various languages which are common assets of humanity. Arab countries have a rich cultural heritage which attracts global attention and research. An effort to introduce and popularise the language is praiseworthy," he said.
Doha Bank Group CEO Dr R Seetharaman was the chief guest. Addressing the gathering consisting of people from various backgrounds, he delved on the importance of human integrity and mutual understanding for a peaceful coexistence. Citing lines from Indian epics he underlined the relevance of unity and strength.
International Right Organisation General Secretary Dr S P Perumaljee, and Sree Vishnu Prathyangara Thantrigapeetam founder and MD Dr E Annaswamy, International Tamil University General Manager Anusuya and Public Relations Officer P Thanga Selvan also spoke at the function.

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