Friday, October 19, 2018
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Spend wisely, kabayan

This is in response to the news story titled ' Filipino expats urged to be 'responsible citizen', published in your newspaper on December 2. In the article, it was mentioned that Filipinos are encouraged to participate in financial literacy programmes. The Philippine ambassador said that while we, Filipinos, continue to work in foreign lands for the benefit of our family and our country, we must not forget that we are bound to go home sooner or later. I can only agree, because the fact is we, the Filipino expatriates, are only as good as our employment contracts. My apology if this sounds harsh, but we have to embrace the reality that once our employer no longer extends our services, and no other employers want to hire us, we have to face the consequences of going back to our native land and look for a new source of income to provide for our family. It's great if we have enough savings to start a business, but what if we don't have, which usually is the case for many Filipinos because of personal loans from the bank. That is why it is good that we get involved in community initiatives on how to get advice and assistance in terms of saving for the future. Working overseas comes with many uncertainties, and we can never be so sure of our fate in a foreign land. We might be splurging and partying today, but in the coming days our employers would ship us back to the Philippines. Of course, we do not want to go home to our loved ones with almost nothing left in our pockets. So, be wise, kabayan. Avoid careless spending. Inquire about financial literacy programmes, and save for a brighter and well-secured future.

Ms MistyPH

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