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Set N Korea Free
IDEFECTED from North Korea in 2004. I decided to risk my life to leave my home country - where I worked as a psychological warfare officer for the government - when it finally sunk in that there are two North Koreas: one real and the other a fiction created by the regime. Although in my job I had access to foreign media, books with passages containing criticism of our Dear Leader Kim Jong-il or his revered father, Kim Ilsung, had large sections blacked out. One day, out of deep curiosity, I made up an excuse to stay behind at work to decipher the redacted words of a history book ...
Engaged Or Detached?
LET'S say you are a young person beginning to write about politics and policy. You probably have some idea of what you believe, but have you thought about how you believe it? That is to say, have you thought about where you will sit on the continuum that stretches from writers who are engaged to those who are detached? Writers who are at the classic engaged position believe that social change is usually initiated by political parties. To have the most influence, the engaged writer wants to channel his efforts ...
Al Watan - Arabic Newspaper
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Islamic finance course for QIB staff concludes at QFIS


DOHA THE Executive Training Programme for Islamic Banking concluded at Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) recently.

The training programme, which aims at developing Islamic finance skills towards better understanding of its principles and products, is specially designed for Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) finance employees.

The training introduced a comprehensive fundamental perspective about Islamic securitisation, gave tips on how to manage Islamic investment funds and studied their potentials.

The training course strikes a balance between Shariah compliant transactions and the conventional ones to avoid risks and Shariah violations.

The training programme exposed candidates to current and potential Islamic finance applications by illustrating several samples and contracts.

The course was presented by two professors Dr Monzer Kahf and Dr Mabid al Jarhi. Dr Kahf is a professor at QFIS in Islamic Finance, and the recipient of the Islamic Development Bank Prize for Islamic Economics (2001).

Kahf lectures internationally on Islamic financial laws, regulations, economics and finance.

He continues his activities as a consultant, trainer, and lecturer in these fields. Dr Kahf has authored more than 28 books and more than 83 articles on Awqaf, Zakah, Islamic finance and banking and other areas of Islamic economics.

Dr Mabid is a visiting professor at QFIS. He is a long-time member of the American Economic Association, the Royal Economic Society, the European Economic Association, the Econometric Society and several other professional groups.

Currently, Dr Mabid is the Technical Editor of the Joint Arab Economic Report, the Secretary-General of the Council of Governors of Arab Central Banks at the Arab Monetary Fund in Abu Dhabi, Director of the Islamic Research & Training Institute (IRTI), IDB, and President of the International Association of Islamic Economics.

QFIS launched The Executive programme in 2009 with the purpose of serving various segments of business and groups of executives to cope with the growth in the Islamic financial industry, as well as the conventional finance & Stock Market sectors.

Through its Executive Training programmes, QFIS was able to develop the operational skills of several executives, update their professional knowledge & prepare them for new levels of leadership in their careers and within their organisations.

With the increasing diversity of financial transactions and vital mobility, it became necessary to recognise the nature of Islamic finance and how it conforms to and contrasts with the conventional banking.

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Creative Commons launches ‘Qatar Shares’ championship

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