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OVER the past month, Mitt Romney has aggressively appealed to moderate voters. President Barack Obama, for some reason, hasn't. But, in what he thought was an off-the-record interview with The Des Moines Register, Obama laid out a pretty moderate agenda for his ...
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Fun-filled Eid activities at ‘1001 Inventions’ expo a big draw


DOHA FUN-FILLED scientific and cultural Eid al Adha activities organised on the sidelines of the ongoing ‘1001 Inventions’ exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park has been attracting over 4000 visitors every day during the Eid al Adha holidays, an official has said.

The venue was a beehive of activities on Sunday with huge participation by families.

The activities included calligraphy and jewellery-making workshops, ‘design your own coin’ workshop, Al Kindi’s workshop where visitors discovered how he made perfume.

There was also a live stage performance where scientists from the Golden Age of Islamic civilisation ‘came to life and worked with the audience to solve problems together. Other activities included rhyming science, face painting, kite-making, body parts puzzle with 10th century surgeon Al Zahrawi and balloon shaping, besides others.

The Qatar Science Club (QSC) was also present to showcase QSC-designed puzzles related to mathematics, science and technology.

The ‘1001 Inventions’ expo is interactive exhibition uncovering a thousand years of scientific and cultural achievements of the Muslim civilisation from 7th century onwards. The exposition that began on October 17 will conclude on November 12. It is being organised in association with Qatar Museums Authority and the MIA in partnership with ‘1001 Inventions’ and Qatar Shell.

Speaking to Qatar Tribune on Sunday, 1001 Inventions Middle East Operations Director Shaza Shannan said that the organisers wanted to have additional activities for the exhibition.

“The purpose of the activities is to educate, entertain as well as allow people, especially children, to learn about the 1001 Inventions expo. The activities are simple but they engage the mind and help young people understand the historical significance of the exhibition.” Shannan further said, “During the perfume-making workshop, for example, participants smell different kinds of perfume exposing them to the distillation process developed by Jaber Ibn Hayyan and Al Kindi in the 9th century, which is now being applied in gas-to-liquid distillation, used by companies like Shell in their Pearl GTL project.” She said that Al Kindi wrote a book detailing 107 perfume recipes.

Shannan added that the exhibition has been a success since it opened its doors According to Shannan, about 25,000 visitors have visited the expo. During the Eid holidays, about 10,000 visitors have visited the exposition.

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