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What Now, Merkel?
WHERE'S Germany's Plan B? The question came up during the second half of the European soccer cup semifinal match last week between Italy and Germany at a moment when the Germans were losing 2-0 and looking thwarted - but not changing tactics. Bixente Lizarazu, a former French...
OVER the past few months I've read a number of optimistic assessments of the prospects for Europe. Oddly, however, none of these assessments argue that Europe's German-dictated formula of redemption through suffering has any chance of working. Instead, the case for optimism is that failure - in particular, a breakup of ...
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Bosch launches safety & security products

BOSCH Security Systems has launched its new range of security equipment named ‘Advantage Line’ in Qatar. The products include CCTV, public address and fire alarm systems with advanced features, which will be distributed through Jumbo Electronics in Qatar.

Speaking at the press conference to announce the launch on Monday, Executive Director of Jumbo Electronics Sajid Jassim Mohammed Suleiman said, “Bosch is a well-known company providing an array of products and its security systems are known for their quality and durability.

The new ‘Advantage Line’ products will definitely serve the customers better, especially with the increasing population in Qatar and the need to improve safety and security of the people.” Vice-President and Managing Director of Jumbo Electronics Jassim Mohammed Suleiman, Regional Director of Bosch for Sales and Security Systems Hakan Ozyigit, Head of Sales for GCC at Bosch Muralidhar Iyengar, Regional Sales Manager of Bosch Arshad Mecci, Assistant General Manager GN Raju and Deputy Sales Manager of Bosch Abdu Rahim were also present during the launch of the products.

Giving the details of the new products, Regional Sales Manager Arshad Mecci said, “The ‘Advantage Line’ range is unique in that it offers a dedicated product portfolio for small and mid-range applications and is fast and easy to use by installers and consumers alike.”

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Saltimbanco show promises to be a memorable experience

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