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THERE'S an old saying, attributed to the British Foreign Office in colonial days: "Keep the Persians hungry, and the Arabs fat." For the British - then the stewards of Persian destiny - that was the formula for maintaining calm; it still is for Saudi Arabian leaders ...
THE economic news is looking better lately. But after previous false starts - remember "green shoots"? - it would be foolish to assume that all is well. And in any case, it's still a very slow economic recovery by historical standards. There are several reasons for this ...
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Barwa City gets high-speed broadband fibre link


DOHA NEARLY 6,000 units in Barwa City are now connected with fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure delivered by Qatar National Broadband Network Company (Q.NBN), ahead of schedule. Work is also underway to connect Barwa Commercial Avenue to the network.

The development marks a key milestone in the government- backed company’s agreement with property giant Barwa Real Estate. The agreement signed in September 2011 aims to deliver next-generation connectivity solutions to all residential and commercial tenants of Barwa projects.

Q.NBN was conceived to provide Qatar with a nationwide fibre-optic infrastructure to energise the shift towards a knowledge-based economy set out in Qatar National ICT Strategy 2015 and Qatar National Vision 2030.

Ahmad Salman al Sulaiti, chief technology officer of Q.NBN, said: “Delivering a project of this scale in such a short time is a strong example of our commitment to ensuring Qatar has the best available ICT capabilities in the world. We look forward to partnering with similar real estate developers to help them meet their ICT infrastructure commitments and help drive economic growth and diversification of Qatar’s economy.” Commenting on the success of the joint venture, Mohamad Ismail al Emadi, Director of Group Real Estate Investments – Qatar in Barwa Real Estate said: “Our partnership with Q.NBN will provide the residents and businesses of Barwa City affordable and accessible state-of-the-art technology .

Together, Q.NBN and Barwa are building the right environment for communities of the future and putting Qatar on the fast track to technology leadership.” Q.NBN, a government-led initiative, is rolling out a nationwide high-speed broadband network. The FTTH network is installed through underground telecom ducts to provide users with affordable services and super-fast connectivity at speed of at least 100 Mbps.

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