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The War Is On
The US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, recently announced that America hoped to end its combat mission in Afghanistan in 2013 as it did in Iraq last year. Yet at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, the United States ...
Lately, inequality has reentered the national conversation. Occupy Wall Street gave the issue visibility, while the Congressional Budget Office supplied hard data on the widening income gap. And the myth of a classless society.
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The Help wins big at Image Awards

The Help, which chronicled the experiences of black maids in the 1960s, and the comedy Jumping the Broom were honoured at the NAACP Image Awards on Friday, and the life and career of Whitney Houston was celebrated with rousing gospel songs a week ...

Lunches to take to work
MANY people who have chimed in on the Recipes for Health page on Facebook have requested recipes for lunches they can take to work and eat at a desk. Although I work at home, my lunch requirements are probably similar to those of many of you who work in an office. I don´t like to eat complex dishes with strong flavours like raw garlic or onion at midday, because I don´t want those flavours lingering when I get back to work. I want a lunch that´s light and simple, enjoyable but not distracting. It usually includes protein and a vegetable of some kind, often a complex carbohydrate like whole-grain bread or a grain. I don´t spend much time preparing it because I´ve ...
Aniston and Theroux pledge commitment with name rings
SHE said earlier this month that she was fed up with speculation about her private life. But then Jennifer Aniston makes a statement like arriving to the premiere of her new movie Wanderlust wearing a name ring to match her beau Justin Theroux´s - on her engagement finger. Jennifer shone in a grey corseted dress as she posed at the premiere, with one of her main accessories being the gold ring bearing her Christian name. Justin, meanwhile, wore a ring bearing his name - a sign of the pair´s commitment to each other. However, the couple´s pledge of love and fidelity might have been better if the rings were slimmer, and perhaps made of silver rather than the ...
Kunal Kapoor wants to use star power for a good cause
Q. How does it feel to be a youth icon for such a noble cause? Is it why you have a huge number of female fan-following? A. Honestly when I´m doing something like this I´m not thinking about how popular it will make me, I am just thinking of how I can make a difference no matter how big or small it might be. The recent visit to Tonk, Rajasthan was really an eye-opener. The NGO is doing wonderful work in bringing about a big change in people´s life. My being there motivates the workers, but to see their wonderful work, motivates me as well. Bollywood actors are Demi-gods and are loved by masses if they do something for them. Are you following actors like ...

I’ve always admired Rekha: Vidya Balan
Radcliffe’s scary moment
Lunches to take to work
A retreat for the high and powerful is opening to the world


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