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The War Is On
The US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, recently announced that America hoped to end its combat mission in Afghanistan in 2013 as it did in Iraq last year. Yet at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, the United States ...
Lately, inequality has reentered the national conversation. Occupy Wall Street gave the issue visibility, while the Congressional Budget Office supplied hard data on the widening income gap. And the myth of a classless society.
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HK police seize 800 cobras from smugglers



HONG KONG police found nearly 800 cobras that they believe were being smuggled for sale as a delicacy, a report said on Sunday.

The 789 venomous Chinese cobras were found packed into 181 plastic boxes and hidden in bushes behind a beach on Hong Kong’s Lantauis-land, the Sunday Morning Post newspaper reported.

Animal management officials put the snakes down with lethal injections, saying they could not be released into the wild because they would pose a threat to people’s safety.

Chinese cobras are commonly used to make snake wine, medicine and soup, and are particularly popular in mainland China.

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