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Turkey vs Iran
HARDLY a day goes by that an Iranian official doesn't threaten Turkey. Take for instance Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi's recent warning to Ankara: "Turkey must radically rethink its policies on Syria, the NATO missile shield and promoting Muslim secularism in the Arab world ...
WATCHING the Syrian Army pummel the Syrian town of Homs to put down the rebellion there against the regime of President Bashar Assad is the remake of a really bad movie that starred Bashar's father, Hafez, exactly 30 years ago this month. I know. I saw the original. It was April 1982 ...
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Cameron defends UK ahead of Scottish talks


LONDON BRITISH Prime Minister David Cameron said on Thursday he would fight “head, heart and soul” to prevent the breakup of the United Kingdom as he headed to Scotland for talks to set the ground rules for an independence referendum.

Cameron was scheduled to hold his first meeting on the issue with Scottish leader Alex Salmond, whose separatist party has long campaigned for Scotland to leave its neighbours behind for the first time in more than 300 years.

Salmond is seeking to hold an independence referendum in September 2014, hoping that a separation from London would be completed with a May 2016 election for the Scottish Parliament.

However, with opinion polls showing that only about a third of Scots favour splitting the nation, Cameron and others opponents are pressing for the vote to be held earlier.

Salmond said negotiations on the details are making progress.

“We are moving toward areas of agreement,” he told the BBC. “We’re now agreed there shall be a referendum on Scottish independence, and what we’re now doing is seeking to get agreement on what some of the ground rules for that referendum are.” Scotland and England united in 1707 to form Great Britain, but Scotland gained significant autonomy after voting in 1997 to set up the Edinburgh-based Scottish Parliament, which has power over education, health and justice and can make minor alterations to income tax.

London retains primacy on all matters relating to Britain as a whole – including defence, energy and foreign relations.

Cameron’s government and Salmond are already at odds over the date of the referendum, what will be on the ballot paper and whether 16- and 17-year-olds should be entitled to vote.

According to excerpts released in advance, Cameron planned to use a speech in Scotland to warn that independence could damage Britain’s status in Europe, within NATO and put at risk the UK’s permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

“The fight is now under way for something really precious: the future of our United Kingdom. I am 100 percent clear that I will fight with everything I have to keep our United Kingdom together,” Cameron planned to say, according to the excerpts.

“To me, this is not some issue of policy or strategy or calculation – it matters head, heart and soul. Our shared home is under threat and everyone who cares about it needs to speak out,” the text said.

Salmond insists that independence would bring greater prosperity, allowing Scotland to better exploit its energy resources.

“We have 25 percent of Europe’s tidal power potential, 25 percent of its offshore wind potential and 10 percent of its wave power potential – not bad for a nation with less than 1 percent of Europe’s population,” Salmond said on Wednesday in a speech to the London School of Economics.

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