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Impunity in Port-au-Prince
IT has been painful to watch as Jean-Claude Duvalier, who inherited the brutal dictatorship that once ruled Haiti, swanks around the hot spots of Port-au-Prince, flanked by the dregs of his ...
This is a really old story, but let me tell you anyway. When I was first married, my mother-in-law sat down at her kitchen table and told me about the day she went to confession and told the priest that she and her ...
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Qatar´s growth to exceed global averages: QNB

THE IMF´s latest report on Qatar forecasts robust economic performance over the medium term. Qatar´s real GDP growth is expected to average 5.3 percent for the 2013-16 period exceeding the regional and world levels. The IMF expects the ...

Qatar to spend $25bn on petchem expansion
QATAR, which has become the world´s biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter over the last decade, will invest $25bn to expand and develop its domestic petrochemical and chemical industry over the next decade. As part of the expansive economic strategy set in Qatar´s National Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy 2011-2016, the Qatari economy seeks to further develop the petrochemical sector, consolidating Qatar´s position as a major force in the industry. The expansion is expected to improve the country´s petrochemical production capacity to 23 million tonnes by 2020 from the current 9.2 million tonnes. Qatar is enhancing.
Iraq to boost oil export by 200,000 bpd in March
IRAQ aims to boost oil exports by 200,000 barrels per day next month after it opens up a new Gulf outlet, a senior Iraqi oil official said, freeing Baghdad to export all the extra barrels foreign oil companies are extracting from its giant fields. Top Iraqi officials are due to inaugurate a Single Point Mooring (SPM) for loading tankers on Sunday after bad weather and technical problems set back its initial start. Shipments of Basra Light crude have been stuck at around 1.7 million bpd since last year as exports hit obstacles in the south. If all goes to plan, exports from Iraq´s southern oilfields will rise to 1.9 million bpd by March - pushing overall oil sales to 2.3 million .
Spain slashes severance pay in a sweeping labour reform
SPAIN´S conservative government slashed employees´ maximum severance pay in a sweeping labour reform unveiled on Friday to confront a near 23-percent unemployment rate. It was the third major reform in two weeks by a government racing to find an antidote to Spain´s deepening economic malaise. After proposing legislation to cut the annual public deficit to zero by 2020 and enacting a reform obliging banks to set aside 50 billion euros ($66 billion) against soured property assets, the government is now targeting the jobs crisis. "The government´s goal is to fight joblessness," Employment Minister Fatima Banez told reporters after Prime ...

United Tech mulls sale of Hamilton arm for $3.5 bn
Lufthansa to ‘rebuild’ with cost-cutting programme


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