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Katara opens Art Collection expo


DOHA KATARA Cultural Village Foundation’s Art Collection expo opened on Monday to treat visitors to an exquisite array of paintings on display at the Katara’s gallery.

The paintings were acquired from 18 Qatari artists who participated in the art symposium organised by Katara last year to promote Qatari talent. The exhibition, which will run till February 17, is open to the public.

The paintings featured diverse themes ranging from Qatari heritage, landscapes, architecture, calligraphy, portraits among others.

The works were done using different media, including oil, acrylic and mixed media. The representations on canvas include camels, falcons, buildings, horses, seaside, besides others.

Speaking to Qatar Tribune Katara Head Curator and Artistic Director Sidonio Costa said that the expo is first of a series of exhibitions to be organised by Katara through the year.

“These works have been acquired from the artists for Katara’s art collection. The works are a representative of what Qatari artists are interested in because they tackled diverse themes,” he said.

“This exhibition is a platform for Qatari artists to hone and evolve their skills. At present, most Qatari artists paint only on weekends but through this type of activity they can take it seriously and produce works of good quality,” he added “We are trying to introduce an element of professionalism in their work. We want to promote the artist who can live on his work and not treat is as a hobby. We want artists who can confidently sell and exhibit their work by giving them exposure,” he explained.

Works by Hassan Bu Jassoum were among some of the striking paintings at the event. The piece called Freij al Badri depicts an old locality of the neighbourhood in which he grew up. Another one showed a typical room in an Arab household with old-world accessories like lantern, traditional box, and a carpet made from date palm straw.

“I like painting about traditional life in Qatar. My first painting depicts the town I grew up in. It brings the memories of olden days. The traditional room showcases the past when the world was not so developed. It took me three weeks to complete each painting,” he said.

In a different part of the gallery, there were eye-catching art works of Maryam al Sheeb in which she used mixed media and acrylic. The pieces titled ‘Loss of Time’ and ‘Tears’, conveyed a melancholic atmosphere through the use of colour and expression.

“I wanted to produce work that is different. I like dark colours and have exploited their lack of light to bring out nice paintings depicting unhappy mood,” she said.

Faisal al Abdulla’s paintings are unique not only in their technique but also in the inspiration. His paintings depicted landscape and seascape and were done using fingers.

“My style is to paint when the music is playing. It took 15 minutes to do one painting. It depends with the length of the song. When dancing, I paint the mood of the movement,” he said.

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