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Sheikh Saoud to popularise basketball in Qatar


DOHA QATAR Olympic Committee Secretary-General Sheikh Saoud bin Abdulrahman al Thani has committed to take all possible measures to raise the popularity of basketball in Qatar.

Having taken over the responsibility of the Qatar Basketball Federation (QBF) as the president, Sheikh Saoud feels there is a lot of passion for the sport but it has to be organised and the QBF will do whatever it can to make the game of popular.

“The QBF would try to adopt all possible ways and means to create a new wave of enthusiasm among the masses for basketball.” “We’ve already drawn plans to create more awareness and we’ll try to raise the popularity of basketball to the level of football,” Sheikh Saoud said.

The QBF’s first target is to establish connection with various basketball-loving communities living in Qatar.

“There are communities like Americans, Filipinos, Indians and Spanish, who have a good knowledge of the game and passion for it. We’ve to ensure that the clubs that are playing in the top league such as the Emir Cup and the Heir Apparent Cup get a good support from fans.

“During the match days, we’ll hold various activities to involve the families so that there is a lot more fun for them along with the thrills of contests, ”added Sheikh Saoud.

He also talked about the idea of bringing popular players and teams from outside to improve the federation’s relationship with the fans. “We have also discussed about the idea of getting players and teams for matches. This will help us create a bridge between the fans and the federation.

“Our plan is to introduce another league involving various communities which is expected to broaden the fan base. We’ll try to mix the matches to attract spectators, ” he added.

Currently, the first division league is on. Eight teams, including dominant Al Rayyan, which has won 14 out of 16 last leagues, are figuring in the league. After the league, the Heir Apparent Cup and the Emir Cup will follow. The QBF is looking at the ongoing season as an experiment which will provide an opportunity to the federation to work on the areas that needs improvement.

Sheikh Saoud also said adequate arrangements would be made to help the coverage in the newspapers.

Also present during the meeting was Ahmed al Mawlawi, QBF secretarygeneral.

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