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QBWA opens door for corporate membership


DOHA QATARI Businesswomen Association (QBWA) recently announced its decision to expand its membership to include companies and institutions operating in the country after it was limited only to individuals.

The step was aimed at reaching out to more Qatari women and encourage them join the association as well as to develop interaction between the association and various companies.

The association offers three different levels of corporate membership, depending on the size of the company and the number of its staff. Level one membership is allocated to companies with more than 500 employees, while level two is open to companies that employ from 50 to 500 workers.

Level three of the membership is available to companies with less than 50 employees.

The level one corporate members get many benefits, including 10 free individual memberships for the senior female managers, access to conferences and events organised by the association annually, an opportunity for interaction with other corporate members and with the leading business women in Qatar, and the region, as well as many marketing, branding and advertising benefits. The members will also have identification as supporters of the professional development for women.

The level two members get five free individual memberships for their female senior managers, as well as other benefits that include networking, outreach, marketing, branding and advertising.

QBWA Board Member and Chair of Membership Committee Sheikha Mays bint Jabor al Thani noted that the benefits offered by the corporate membership are not as important as the opportunity of building the platform for members to exchange information and expertise. She said that the membership would encourage working women to participate in Qatari Businesswomen Association’s activities.

“Companies and institutions in Qatar can now participate more effectively in supporting the activities of the Qatari Businesswomen.

At the same time, they will be able to take advantage of this membership in marketing of their businesses and communicating directly with the business women and other corporate members of the association. The Qatar National Vision 2030 has among its objectives the promotion of women’s participation in economic and social development. This membership is an opportunity for companies to contribute to the realisation of this vision and to encourage working women to join the association,” she said.

The corporate membership will help the association to secure the necessary funding to undertake more projects that will allow it to achieve its objectives and the goal of empowering women to enhance their contribution to the Qatari economy.

Vice-Chairwoman of the association Aisha Alfardan said, “We have studied the possibility of amending the system of membership to include companies and institutions in the country and we found that such a step would bring more benefits to both individual and corporate members. This membership will also help in building further ties of cooperation between members. We have started receiving interest from many companies that have expressed willingness to join the association. We are confident that this step will make a significant positive shift in our performance in the long run.” The QBWA was established in 2000 to enhance women’s contribution to the economic activity which constitutes a real gain both to Qatari women and the society at large, QBWA has launched a number of important initiatives like Qatar Businesswomen Award, Corporate Ambassadors Programme and Qatar International Businesswomen Forum, and initiated a partnership with the Qatar Businessmen Association, a partnership that aims to extend its platform to include different sectors and build cooperation relationships with the Qatari organisations to support its vision and help achieve its objectives.

The QBWA is chaired by HE Sheikha al Anood bint Khalifa bin Hamad al Thani, and managed by a number of prominent Businesswomen who have a history of success in many businesses in different sectors that they work in or manage.

The association has played a distinguished role in enhancing women contribution to push the economic wheel towards the strategic growth that we are witnessing today, and in line with the wise vision that the government has set.

The QBWA is also a founding member of Middle East and North Africa Businesswomen Network which includes 10 members from 10 countries, and it is becoming a role-model through its active participation and best practices. The QBWA has adopted new strategies and plans in a step that aims to develop and promote the role that it’s playing locally, regionally and internationally, and it organises a number of activities, conferences and programmes that support Qatari women.

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