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Unfair Practices
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NHRC, UNHCR to promote rights


DOHA QATAR National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) and United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) on Monday signed an agreement to protect human rights including rights of people displaced by conflicts or natural disasters.

The agreement was signed for Qatar by NHRC Director (Financial and Administrative Affairs Department) Sultan al Gamal and UNHRC’s Omran Riza.

Addressing a joint press conference with Riza, Gamal said the agreement would contribute to expanding the role of the NHRC and the UNHCR and promote cooperation between the two bodies.

The pact would also help organise celebrations on the International Day for Human Rights and the World Day for Refugees. It will also sponsor an award in memory of martyr Ali Hassan al Jaber of Qatar.

The other objectives of the agreement are to hold joint training courses and ensure participation of both bodies in each other’s activities and to conduct joint researches in the field of international humanitarian law. They would also collaborate in publication of literature on educational rights and issues relating to refugees, he added.

The agreement also calls for the formation of a joint committee to regulate a range of activities, such as conferences, training courses and workshops. The two sides will hold two events a year over the next three years.

Riza highlighted the role played by Qatar in the field of humanitarian action, noting that it has encouraged the UNHCR to sign this agreement.

The agreement was a legal framework for joint work by the Qatari committee and the UN Commission, he added.

He noted that the agreement would serve to boost cooperation between the two parties and pave the way for future projects.

The agreement aims to support the partnership through the following means: n Holding of at least two training courses a year on one of the topics of common interest, to be delivered to the employees of NHRC, ministries or civil society organisations in Qatar.

n Participation by NHRC or one of its affiliates in training courses by UNHCR.

n Conducting at least two studies or preparing research papers on topics of common interest.

n Coordination between the UNHCR external relations department and NHRC’s programme and education department to issue brochures or booklets, or launch joint awareness campaigns.

n Referral of certain urgent individual cases which may require the intervention or support of NHRC.

n Referral of certain urgent individual cases which may require the intervention or support of UNHCR.

n NHRC and UNHCR will explore the possibility of establishing/funding small enterprises for refugees by some entities.

n Any other activities the parties deem necessary to achieve their common objectives.

n Organisation of joint events and activities, like the World Refugee Day and Human Rights Day, etc.

n Sponsorship of martyr Ali Hassan al Jaber award.

Meanwhile, the two parties have agreed to take all reasonable care to perform the required duties at the highest levels of professional practice and to use a qualified team, each in their respective areas of competence and experience.

Ajoint panel shall be formed to undertake the following: l Preparation of programmes needed to execute the terms of this agreement and determination of the obligations and costs thereof.

lInterpretation and followup on the execution of the terms of this cooperation pact, besides evaluation of the results thereof.

lDiscussion of new aspects of cooperation between the two parties in the areas covered by the agreement. The joint committee shall submit its recommendations to officials from both parties to issue the necessary directives concerning operational programmes.

lDevelopment of programmes for joint research, studies and other works according to work requirements and procedures to be agreed upon by the parties. 5
The committee shall convene whenever possible.

As regards amendments, the agreement lays down that no party may amend any term of this agreement of its own volition. Instead, both parties must agree on any amendment in writing. In the event of a breach by either party of any term of this pact, the other party is entitled to terminate the agreement without any limitation or condition.

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