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China Myths Debunked
WE all know the facts: In 1949 when the Communist Party took over, China had been mired in civil wars and dismembered by foreign aggressions; its people had suffered widespread famine; average lifeexpectancy was a mere 41 years. Today, it is the second largest economy in the world, a great power with global influence, and its people live in increasing prosperity; average life expectancy has reached 74 years. But the assessment has to go deeper than that, for reasons none other than the apparent discomfort, if not outright disapproval, Western political and intellectual elites feel toward the Communist Party´s leadership. Five misconceptions dominate...
PETER Oborne, writing in the conservative Daily Telegraph, recently suggested that the Conservative British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was not merely in a mess, he "is in a sewer." That seems about right. Cameron lost it over Rupert Murdoch. He showed staggering lack of judgment in hiring Andy Coulson, the former News of the World editor, as his first director of communications at Downing Street, a hubristic decision made against the best advice and apparently with a dual aim: to show he was not an old Etonian "toff" and to get favourable treatment from the 37 percent of the British print media owned by Murdoch. He then spent a fair chunk of time during his first year in office in 26 meetings with various News Corp honchos, including Rebekah Brooks, who was...
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25 students learn communication skills at NU-Q



TWENTY-five high school students have successfully completed summer programme titled, ‘Northwestern Connect: Journey,’ recently.

The programme by the Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) was held for two weeks.

It gave students an insight into full-time university study and a brief introduction into the curriculum at the NU-Q, spending a week studying journalism and communication.

The students learnt about the theory and ethics of journalism and wrote a story about a member of the Qatar community.

The participants chose a subject, interviewed them, and then produced both a written and video piece about the subject.

Rana Abu al Saed, 16, a student at Qatar Academy, said, “My favourite part was while taking the interview and learning about the different camera shots.

Writing a profile piece was a good experience.

We learnt a totally different style of writing in English.” Al Saed also said, “The journalism section of the programme was particularly interesting because we managed to explore some shocking and surprising facts and get information out of people.” During the communication project, the students produced a short comedy film that required them to write a script, develop characters and record and edit the scene they had created.

Nazareno Hossfeldt, 17, another Qatar Academy student, said, “I have had some experience in the film, but the course has helped me expand my knowledge of communication and set the bar for the future much higher.” ‘Northwestern Connect: Journey’ was open to Grade XI and Grade XII students, but entry was competitive and students were required to apply for the programme.

For some students, the programme was a chance to learn more about a subject they were interested in.

But for others, it was a chance to boost their university studies.

“I want to do film studies when I finish high school.

So, doing the workshops has really helped me with that,” said Hossfeldt, who plans to apply to Northwestern.

Northwestern offers weekend workshops for high school students during the academic school year.

Anne Peterson, a Lecturer in Communications at NU-Q, who taught the programme, said, “These workshops give students a primer in our journalism and communications courses and are a great way for them to experience the programmes before they apply.

They also get to experience the atmosphere and Northwestern community before they attend the course.

It’s a good opportunity for them to see what college life is like and what we expect of them as students.”

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