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China Myths Debunked
WE all know the facts: In 1949 when the Communist Party took over, China had been mired in civil wars and dismembered by foreign aggressions; its people had suffered widespread famine; average lifeexpectancy was a mere 41 years. Today, it is the second largest economy in the world, a great power with global influence, and its people live in increasing prosperity; average life expectancy has reached 74 years. But the assessment has to go deeper than that, for reasons none other than the apparent discomfort, if not outright disapproval, Western political and intellectual elites feel toward the Communist Party´s leadership. Five misconceptions dominate...
PETER Oborne, writing in the conservative Daily Telegraph, recently suggested that the Conservative British Prime Minister, David Cameron, was not merely in a mess, he "is in a sewer." That seems about right. Cameron lost it over Rupert Murdoch. He showed staggering lack of judgment in hiring Andy Coulson, the former News of the World editor, as his first director of communications at Downing Street, a hubristic decision made against the best advice and apparently with a dual aim: to show he was not an old Etonian "toff" and to get favourable treatment from the 37 percent of the British print media owned by Murdoch. He then spent a fair chunk of time during his first year in office in 26 meetings with various News Corp honchos, including Rebekah Brooks, who was...
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Doha’s first ‘green mall’ to open on Friday


DOHA PARCO Mall, the first eco friendly shopping mall in the country, will open at Mamoura area on Friday.

The opening will come with a week-long festival of games, fashion show for children, magic show, puppet show and painting competition for children.

Abdul Rahman al Ansari, a prominent businessman, will inaugurate the mall.

Speaking at a press conference, Moncy Thomas, general manager of the mall, said, “Parco Mall is the first green mall in Doha with its unique and yet grand vertical garden which will greet customers with a fresh burst of oxygen each time as they pass through it.

The vertical garden is is an integrated system with automated irrigation, ventilation and lighting facilities.

The garden contains over 5,000 individual components and has over 2,000 tropical plants.

The daily carbon dioxide consumption and corresponding oxygen production is equivalent to 15 fully grown trees.

The mall has three floors with facilities like escalators and elevators for the customers’ convenience.

It is essentially a neighbourhood mall.

It will house Food World, Doha Bank counter, Al Dar exchange, ATMs, Qtel pay centre, pharmacy, laundry, beauty saloon, ladies & kids’ fashion accessories, a kids studio, toy shop, bookstore, travel agency and a play zone for children, Moncy said.

There will also be an elegant and unique food court offering a choice of finger licking food options.

Another feature in the food court of the mall is the custom- built giant size marine aquarium.

“Parco Mall management believes that every visit to the mall will be a lasting experience,” Moncy said.

With its no smoking policy and the vertical garden, Parco Mall is likely to provide a clean and healthy environment for anyone visiting the mall.

The press conference was attended by Abdul Raheem, managing director of Food World Group, Parakkal Ahmed and Shamim, both directors of the mall.

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